Data Backup Software

Written by Amy Hall
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Data Backup Software Solutions

Data backup software solutions include tape backup hardware and software, as well as remote data backup which does not use tape drives at all. Really, it is just a matter of personal preference, as both types of data backup provide exceptional performance and reliability. Tape drives are the traditional way of saving and storing data, while remote data backup is a newer technology that has become more popular in recent years.

If you are concerned about the security of your critical data, then it makes sense to check into some of the high-performance data backup storage solutions. Dlt technology is the most trusted and compatible tape platform out there. It is widely available, fits a range of budgets, and works well with other drivers out there.

Options for Data Backup

Other options for data backup software include the Lto drives, which stand for linear tape-open. Lto drives are optimized for backup and storage, and are similar to Dlt tape drives in that they write data tracks in a linear fashion. The "open" nature of Lto technology also provides a means of enabling compatibility between different vendors' data backup software and hardware.

Yet another option is the remote data backup system. This system does not use any tape drives whatsoever, and is a fully automated system. Your data is encrypted and you are given a personal security code, ensuring that your critical data is read only by you.

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