Data Backup Solution

Written by Amy Hall
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The data backup solution that best fits your needs really is dependent on the amount of data backup storage you need and the size of your company. You can choose from remote data backup, which does not use tapes, or you can opt for tape drive backup for your company's data protection solution. There are many excellent companies out there today that offer exceptional data protection services, using both remote or tape drive backup.

Tape drives have been the traditional choice for data storage among companies. They are excellent tools for securing your critical data and storing it in the case of a power failure or system failure. Tape drives are able to secure your data and recover it when it is lost due to a failure of some sort.

Offsite Backup

Offsite backup does not utilize tape drive technology, but rather stores your critical data using encryption. Your account is often encrypted and given a personal security code that means it is completely safe and secure. Data recovery often takes a fraction of the time a tape drive, and recovery starts from the exact moment of failure.

Remote systems are completely automated, and run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once it is set, it runs automatically unless and until you change it. Remote systems are often chosen as a great alternative to tape drive systems, and can be the data backup solution of choice for many companies.

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