Data Storage Software

Written by Amy Hall
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Protecting Your Business with Data Storage Software

Data storage software is any technology that will help you to manage your mission-critical data and put into action a data disaster recovery plan. Data backup software solutions include tape backup hardware and software, as well as remote data backup which does not use tape drives at all. Really, it is just a personal preference, as both types of data backup provide exceptional performance and reliability.

Tape drives have long been the traditional way of saving and storing data, while remote backup is a newer technology that has become more used in recent years. If you are concerned about the security of your critical data, (and who isn't?) then it makes sense to check into some of these high performance data backup storage solutions. Dlt and Lto are technologies that are widely used because they offer flexibility and high performance in a cost-effective package.

Options for Data Storage and Recovery

Other reliable data storage software options include Lto libraries, Fibre Channel storage, disk to disk backup, and autoloaders, to name just a few. The remote backup system allows you to store and retrieve data without using any tape drives whatsoever. Your data is encrypted and you are given a personal security code, ensuring that your data is read only by you.

Having the right storage solution is essential to the well-being of your business. It has probably taken you years to collect all of the important data that you currently have, and the amount of data you will continue to collect will grow exponentially. Protect all of your mission-critical data with a backup storage solution that will give you peace of mind while you focus your efforts on growing your business.

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