Database Backup And Recovery

Written by Amy Hall
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Database Backup And Recovery Solutions

Database backup and recovery solutions are an important piece of the business puzzle. Without some sort of data backup storage system in place, you run the risk of losing all of your critical data in a disaster. Losing your data could be the biggest challenge you will ever face, and the end result is not always rosy.

Studies have shown that approximately 90 percent of businesses that lose their mission-critical data go out of business within two years. Yet it was not until recently that companies began to install data protection services. Many people assume such systems are out of their price range, however, this could not be further from the truth.

Protect Your Assets

Truthfully, it is very possible to get a tapedrive backup system installed for your business at a very reasonable price. A very basic start-up system begins around three or four hundred dollars, and goes up from there. Obviously, the smaller the company, the less data storage required, thus a very basic system would be sufficient.

However, if you run a large enterprise with an enormous amount of collected data, you would need a more complex system with a higher capacity. Database backup and recovery solutions are the best way to protect your critical data, whether you run a large or small company. Fortunately, there are systems to fit every size company and budget.

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