Disaster Recovery Services

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Disaster recovery services are akin to health insurance; they are both catch-22 propositions. Nobody wants to spend money on insurance that they don't use, and even fewer people want the health problems that enable them to use their insurance policies. However, since catastrophes do occur, businesses need backup plans, just as most people feel that insurance is a necessity.

Without disaster recovery plans, natural disasters, fires, volatile computer viruses, and terrorist attacks all leave businesses in disarray. Florida-based companies that had no contingency plans may never recover from the hurricanes that struck them during the summer of 2004. California businesses have to prepare for earthquakes. Firms located in New York City worry about terrorism.

Disaster Recovery Services and Preserving Data

One of the biggest concerns of many companies, more so than preserving the millions of dollars worth of equipment that they own, is the safety of their electronically stored information. The security of company data is the focus of disaster recovery services. Banks cannot lose their customers' account information. Brokerage companies need accurate records of their transactions, regardless of what happens to their headquarters.

Information technology consultants offer disaster recovery services that keep businesses afloat after even the worst disasters. These plans incorporate budgets and target recovery times. Like fire drills, plans should be tested well in advance of actual disasters.

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