Disk Based Backup

Written by Amy Hall
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Disk Based Backup As A Secondary Storage Device

Disk based backup is just one type of secondary storage backup, the other being magnetic tapes. Magnetic disks are the most widely used storage medium for computers. A magnetic disk is ideal for data backup storage because it offers high storage capacity and reliability.

Disks are also capable of holding more data in a small place and attaining faster data access speeds. Types of magnetic disks include diskettes, hard disks, and removable disk cartridges. Let's take a look at the different types of disks that are used for data information protection.

Different Disks For Storage

There are a few different types of disk based backup used today that provide high performance and reliability. The diskette was introduced in the early 1970s by IBM as a new type of secondary storage. Originally they were eight inches in diameter and were thin and flexible which gave them the name floppy disks, or floppies. Diskettes are often used by personal computer users for data storage.

Hard disks provide larger and faster secondary storage capabilities than diskettes. Usually hard disks are permanently mounted inside the computer and are not removable like diskettes. Finally, removable disk cartridges are another form of disk storage for personal computers; they offer the storage and fast access of hard disks and the portability of diskettes. They are often used when security is an issue, since when you are using the computer, the disk cartridge can be removed and locked up leaving no data on the computer.

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