Written by Jessica Duquette
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Diskxtender is able to funnel inactive or seldom accessed data to secondary data storage in order to gain efficiencies and save money. Companies normally backup their data and network files at least once a day to protect against network failures or corruptions. This backup is crucial to keep a company's system up and running but the volumes of the data can exceed hardware or network capacity and bog down the system.

On average 80% of backed up data is rarely accessed by users. The information may be required for legal or historical reasons yet it occupies a large amount of disk space and can create a need for additional hardware. Diskxtender will systematically review files and data and move them to other storage systems which can speed up the network, reduce hardware costs and make for more efficient restoring procedures.

Storing with Diskxtender

How much sense does it make to backup data every day even if that data has not changed? This software will allow companies to only backup and store active information that will drastically reduce the time it takes to back up the network. Another important feature is that the storing and retrieval of this data is seamless to users meaning they will never have a problem accessing the data they need.

Recovering files and data after a failure or corruption can take hours, days or even weeks and may not repair all information properly. Aside from the system problems that this can cause, not being able to quickly and accurately recover data can cost thousands or millions of dollars in revenue. When there is less data to retrieve then the recovery process will take much less time and leave fewer chances for errors.

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