Dlt Tape Drive

Written by Amy Hall
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What Is A Dlt Tape Drive?

Dlt tape drive stands for Digital Linear tape drives. Dlt tape drives provide excellent data backup storage solutions. The Dlt tapes can truly protect your most valuable data in the event of a failure or loss.

Released in 1991, Dlt tape drives are very reliable, high-speed, and high-capacity. These drives are an excellent choice for Network backups. There are many different Dlt tapes available on the market today. The tape drive you choose really depends upon the size of your company and the amount of data storage space you will require.

Matching Prices with Services

You can have a Dlt tape drive system installed for as little as three or four hundred dollars. This can be quite adequate for the smaller sized company that does not need an enormous amount of storage space. However, if you are a large corporation with a great deal of data, than you might need to invest in a more elaborate system that can run into the thousands of dollars.

Ultimately, you get what you pay for, as is the case with almost anything you purchase. Dlt systems that offer outstanding data protection services can cost a few hundred dollars to a few thousand, depending on the size and capacity your business requires. It is a wise investment to make as it could mean the difference between losing all of your precious data in the blink of an eye during a power failure, to resting easy knowing that the Dlt backup system has got you covered.

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