Dlt Tape Library

Written by Amy Hall
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The Dlt Tape Library

The Dlt tape library essentially provides enterprise level features on a mainstream tape library. The HP Storage Works MSL5026 tape library provides a high performance data protection solution using HP Storage Works SDLT 320 GB tape drives. It provides unique investment protection with the potential for future expansion.

The MSL5026 tape defines a new segment in the mid-range population of tapes, with high availability features normally found on enterprise libraries. The Dlt tape library is one of the cutting-edge technologies on today's market for data backup storage solutions. It offers high performance with exceptional high capacity capabilities.

Dlt Features

There are many outstanding features on the Dlt library that make it a exceptional data protection solution. It has a high storage capacity and backup performance to backup large amounts of data in a small backup window. Touch-screen GUI makes the library easy to operate, which equates to lower cost of ownership.

Additionally, it has removable magazines for off-site backup storage. There is a dual mail slot for quick cartridge load/unload without interrupting library operations. Finally, it is compatible with a wide variety of operating systems, software applications, and server platforms.

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