Dvd Data Storage

Written by Thomas Neighbors
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DVD data storage is the next wave in archiving and storing pertinent information. More than a decade ago you may have had a few cases of floppy disks that helped store your most valuable information. As technology evolved, so did the amount of information generated and transmitted to and from your organization.

Managing Data with DVD Data Storage

What methods have you utilized to keep up with the constant surge in data sharing? Many organizations upgraded their mainframe systems. Others, spent additional money on multiple servers and cluster environments. While these were instant fixes, they would not prevent the inevitable.

DVD data storage is the next logical step in archiving information. What started with floppy disks has since moved on the compact disks. The upgrade to optical storage helped fix the storage obstacles temporarily, but have not eliminated the problem altogether.

From 100 MB to Five GB

Now, more than five gigabytes of information can be stored on one DVD. This is substantially more disk space than either the floppy or the CD. Investing in this technology now is a sound, strategic investment in your data storage future.

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