Enterprise Backup

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Enterprise backup can have wide-reaching effects on your operations, customers and reputation. Without the right method of backup technology you are at risk daily. Below are a few examples of how unexpected disasters can cost millions of dollars.

Avoiding Potential Risks

In the case of e-commerce, disaster recovery plans can mean the difference between acquiring new customers and improving retention or losing valued members permanently. Without the right enterprise backup tools, data in transmission is compromised or lost, incoming revenue comes to a halt and your prospects shop at another site.

Consider a company whose main contact with their customers is the telephone. A temporary phone outage can cost an airline reservation company nearly $90,000, a home shopping channel $110,000 and a credit card sales authorization company upwards of $2.6 million. How much is a back up plan worth?

Why Enterprise Backup Is Essential

Backing up each of your systems can help you avoid potential losses. In addition to financial setbacks, outages result in lost productivity, market skepticism, and reduced customer retention. We have learned to rely on data to a substantial degree, why aren't you doing your best to protect it?

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