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Written by Amy Hall
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Ethernet SAN For Database Backup And Recovery

Ethernet SAN is just another recent data protection solution that has been developed. To understand the concept of ethernet, we should briefly revisit the topic of SAN and NAS storage solutions. SAN stands for Storage Area Network, and NAS stands for Network Attached Storage.

The latest storage push builds on the price benefits of Ethernet. The Open Storage Networking Initiative has the backing of several prominent companies, including network-attached specialist Network Appliance and Cisco. This team approach takes advantage of the differences in prices between Ethernet networks and fibre-based ones. Network-attached storage, which is cheaper than SAN, transfer stored data on the local area network (LAN).

Benefits of SAN

By contrast, SAN puts the stored data on a separate network. While this approach is more expensive, it is much faster to use when larger amounts of data are being moved from different points. The move towards Ethernet SAN as a data backup storage solution has shown fast progress simply because companies believe it will give way to increased Ethernet speeds.

Organizations are quickly zooming in on storage systems that can take advantage of Ethernet speeds. Users will eventually be able to take advantage of these new technologies that promise protection, ease of use, and speed. Ethernet systems seem to offer a great cost-effective alternative to fibre-based systems.

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