Fibre Channel Storage Area Network

Written by Amy Hall
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The Growth of Fibre Channel Storage Area Network

Fibre Channel storage area network is a powerful tool in today's Information Age, with the ability to connect people with data quickly and reliably. Fibre channel storage allows large arrays of disk drives to be connected with various computer systems. It also enables corporations to combine data warehouses spread out over a large area with ease.

Fibre Channel makes it easier to avoid failures of troubled systems since the connection speeds are faster. F.C. connections have numerous facets, allowing various types of data communications quickly and easily. Probably one of the strongest motivations for using Fibre Channel to build system and storage area networks is its connectivity capability; because it is considered serial and optical, you can connect systems and other storage products that are physically located further from each other more efficiently than other technologies can.

Fibre Channel Is the Data Protection Solution

The whole concept of implementing storage area networks for shared storage among groups of computers is now becoming understood. Fundamentally, what is taking place now is that Fibre Channel is the technology of choice as a means to this end, and the market users are working to implement such technology into their current systems. Many companies are seeing the value, speed, and reliability associated with the use of Fibre Channel storage area network systems.

One business user, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Tennessee, has reported that using Fibre Channel not only helped it avoid losing production when a storage subsystem failed, but also contributed to a 10 percent productivity boost. These are the kinds of advantages that are making Fibre Channel attractive to companies worldwide.

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