Hardware Backup Solutions

Written by Thomas Neighbors
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Hardware backup solutions are an integral part of your disaster recovery plan and business continuity. Considering the risk possibilities when it comes to your data, secure backup solutions are critical to the seamless operation of your hardware and software applications. With millions of transactions completed in the course of one business day, you can't afford to lose even fifteen minutes worth of information.

Most internal IT departments run regularly scheduled backup maintenance on networked workstations. This is to prevent a significant loss in data in the event of a disaster. Should your servers crash or your hardware fail, your hardware backup solutions recover all data since it was last saved.

Redundant Hardware Backup Solutions

Redundant systems are often used as an added layer of protection for your corporate information. This type of solution manages a real-time duplication of all the current data stored on your server. So if your main system were to fail, all the data can instantly be copied over from the second location.

While some organizations choose to house this redundant system in the same location, it is encouraged that this information be stored elsewhere geographically. In the case of a natural disaster and destruction of office space, the redundant system is safely housed thousands of miles away making data recovery simple.

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