Ip San

Written by Jessica Duquette
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IP San makes use of a concentrator to intelligently store data that can reduce the hardware requirements for storage. In addition, it can work with your current network to provide a seamless transition after installation. The main advantage of Internet Protocol (IP) San is that it addresses issues that arise when using fibre channel technology.

IP San vs. Fibre Channel

Of course a case can be made for each type of data storage but it is important to not be swayed by one opinion. Both products work well with various operating systems and can be implemented for about the same amount of money. While IP may be more familiar to technical staff, fibre channel SAN can handle more data and yield better performance.

The choice cannot be made solely on any of these factors though. Each Storage Area Network, SAN, will provide a company with an excellent storage product with their own qualities. Staff that is more familiar with IP code may choose the IP San product whereas an employee that has a more diverse background looking for better results will choose fibre channel.

Increased Data

Research reports have shown that worldwide data storage capacity will grow by about 2000% from 2000 to 2005. Selecting a data storage product that not only works now but can also handle future demands is imperative. The choice should not be based on price alone as current architecture and foreseeable demands on the storage product are equally important.

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