Ip San Solution

Written by Amy Hall
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The Ip San Solution

Ip San solution has evolved to a large extent than it what it was before. With performance getting closer to SAN storage, while still maintaining all the manageability and recoverability features, they make an ideal choice for most requirements. Current IP SAN technology can address 80 to 85 percent of the storage requirements for companies of varying sizes.

The remaining percentage would be better off using SAN because of specific requirements or application needs, but can still be met on IP-SAN if the investment in fibre channel does not make business sense. There are many media companies who use the Ip San solution for streaming audio/video data. There are also enough implementations of databases on Ip San, which is evidence that traditional approaches are a thing of the past.

Date Backup Storage Performance

Traditionally, Ip San has been an easy to deploy system. Vendors on IP SAN are making their devices faster and faster so that there is little distinction on what can run on IP-SAN and on FC. To date, IP-SAN deployments are easy to deploy, manage, and provide some exceptional recovery methods.

Ip San data protection solution also offers good performance. Performance is definitely required when things are running fine--it should run at optimum speed as per business requirements, but performance is not everything. Performance is good as long as things are normal, but when there is a crisis or some failure, the credibility of the storage vendor comes into play, in terms of recoverability.

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