Large Scale Data Storage

Written by Thomas Neighbors
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Large scale data storage may have required multiple mainframes or servers a few years ago. To combat the ever-growing challenge of data storage, more and more disk space was purchased. This seemed to provide immediate relief to data-heavy organizations, but inevitably, server space was exceeded.

Optical Libraries and Tape Storage

Today you can find several large scale data storage solutions. Tape and optical libraries are two methods many organizations are utilizing today in order to archive historic data. Both are cost-effective, but choosing the solution for you may require additional help.

Professional consultants can help analyze your current storage dilemma and craft a solution to help maximize your current investment. Since you may have already spent millions of dollars on additional storage hardware, a Storage Service Provider (SSP) is likely the best option for you. Other formulas for relief may include an Application Service Provider or ASP, but will require an additional, significant investment.

Eliminate Paper with Large Scale Data Storage

With technology constantly pushing forward, you may want to experiment with the latest storage devices. DVD RAM drives can hold the same amount of data as 3,600 floppy disks. With nearly five GB of space on each DVD, you can eliminate thousands of filing cabinets by digitally capturing the information and storing them on DVDs.

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