Long-term Data Archival

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Long-term data archival can eliminate many of the storage obstacles and expenditures that are probably unnecessary in your business operations. As more data is generated day after day, some archival process needs to take place. Older data is no longer accessed as frequently and therefore doesn't require front line storage.

Long-term data archival is less expensive than information that requires instant recall. The memory required to retrieve information in seconds can monopolize a lot of your technology. For documents that are rarely accessed, an alternative solution may be the most affordable answer.

Types of Long-Term Data Archival

Tape storage and optical libraries are two ways organizations are archiving old data. These systems allow for millions of pages of data to be stored on a minimal amount of space. This in turn, eliminates the hassle of paper storage, filing cabinets and office clutter.

Choosing a long-term archiving solution for your needs can be determined by a consultant. With a thorough evaluation of your processes he or she can custom design a storage solution for you. In many cases, the answer may involve existing technology you already own.

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