Lto Autoloader

Written by Amy Hall
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The Lto Autoloader Solution

Lto autoloader is just another fine product that addresses the issue of data disaster recovery and data backup storage. This loader brings you the productivity and security of an automated tape solution, as well as the proven reliability of Lto technology. It offers automated storage management, as well as flexibility, high-speed, and high-performance.

The Lto Ultrium Autoloader is one of the highest capacity autoloaders available today. This highly reliable autoloader contains a single Lto tape drive and it holds up to 10 cartridges at one time for quick access to data. Based on the widely accepted Lto technology known for its ultimate reliability, you can be assured that your mission critical data is well protected.

Additional Lto Info

This autoloader offers a user-friendly readout that provides essential information about the tape drive, the media status, and other such necessities. The removable cartridge magazine provides easy-handling and allows for exchanging weekly data backups in one simple step. This autoloader also employs an automatic drive cleaning feature which does not require any intervention from a human operator.

In addition, the optional barcode reader provides an inventory of stored data and automated media tracking, thus providing access to stored data quickly and efficiently. The Lto autoloader fits easily on a desktop or server, thereby not taking up much needed desk space. With all of these high quality features, the Lto autoloader provides the easiest maintenance for end users.

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