Lto Tape Drive

Written by Amy Hall
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Lto Tape Drive Backup

Lto tape drive technology (Linear tape-open), was developed jointly by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Seagate to provide a dependable choice in a wide array of tape storage options. This is a high performance tape technology offering versatility, reliability, and performance. Lto technology fulfills the promise of doubled speed and capacity for businesses that require only the best.

Lto drives are ideal for backup and archive applications. Similar to the Dlt tape drive, Lto drives write data tracks in a linear fashion. When the end of the tape is reached, the heads are repositioned above or below their current location, and recording resumes in the opposite direction.

Advanced Technology for Better Business

The Lto tape drive technology offers high capacity and an exciting direction for the future of data backup protection. Lto is an "open" format technology which means that users will have multiple sources of product and media. The "open" nature of Lto technology also provides a means of enabling compatibility between various offerings by vendors.

This is important to many businesses who do not want to become "trapped" into one vendor or one type of product. Companies want a reliable data backup storage system that will protect all of their important information in the event of a power failure or other technical problem. The Lto tape drive is a reliable and versatile choice for any business looking for a data protection solution.

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