Lto Tape Library

Written by Amy Hall
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The Lto Tape Library

The Lto tape library is one of the most cost-effective tape storage solutions available today. By fully leveraging advanced Linear Tape-Open technology,the IBM Tape Library provides an ideal solution for cost-effectively handling a wide range of backup, archive, and disaster recovery data storage needs. This breakthrough reliability and performance of Lto tape drives offers an excellent alternative to DLT, 8mm, 4mm, or 1/4-inch tape drives for data backup.

These libraries integrate the latest generation of tape technologies to create the most advanced data backup storage. Designed for ease of serviceability, they can be configured to meet your current storage requirements and yet they can grow to meet future storage needs by adding drives and cartridge slots on site. Some series also offer unprecedented access speeds, which means you can recover data in a much shorter time span.

Other Important Features

Product highlights of the Lto tape library are many. These libraries are ultra-flexible for backup and archival solutions. Tape automation reduces errors and costs associated with manual operations. The open tape architecture, developed by a group of three world-class storage producers, is available for multiple storage vendors.

These libraries also have capacities ranging from 112.4 TB in one frame to 2,752 TB in 16 frames (compressed). They offer high capacity performance and reliability for mid-range and network tape storage environments. Finally, they adhere to the widely supported Linear Tape-Open design specifications. Furthermore, tape automation reduces errors and costs associated with manual operations.

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