Lto Ultrium Tape

Written by Amy Hall
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The Lto Ultrium tape drive uses the Linear Tape-Open technology. The end result is that businesses have peace of mind knowing that they can retrieve important data in the event of a failure. In fact, Lto tape drives offer high reliability and performance for both the small and large corporation. This truly is a results-driven product that will protect your data regardless of the circumstance at hand.

In today's world, companies are collecting data at an alarming rate. With globalization, e-commerce, and e-mail, more and more people are turning to the Internet to conduct their lives on a daily basis. The sheer volume is growing exponentially every day, which makes it very difficult for businesses to keep track of and store their mission-critical data.

Lto Tape Drive to The Rescue!

There are many outstanding features on the Lto Ultrium tape drive that are making companies take notice. For one thing, it is user-friendly. Easy to understand drive information takes the guesswork out of operating this device. It is an excellent entry-level solution, which can be built upon as your data storage needs grow.

It adheres to widely supported Linear Tape-Open (LTO) design specifications, and it is cost-effective since there are fewer cartridges to buy and store. It is high capacity with plenty of memory storage and quick transfer rates. The Lto Ultrium is an exceptional technology in today's everchanging world of data protection services.

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