Media Management

Written by Thomas Neighbors
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Media management solutions are a critical addition to your IT initiatives. You've invested a great deal of money in the latest Network Attach Storage (NAS) system. Now, you need processes in place to help protect the data stored and transmitted from that location.

The Importance of Your Data

Your data center stores millions of bytes of data. It is also accessed by all of your field employees on an often simultaneous basis. What would happen if your servers crashed or were tapped into by professional hackers? The integrity of your data would be compromised and your profitability could be at risk.

With the right media management tools, you can ensure your disaster recovery plans are intact. Tape cataloging is just one critical step in the process of managing media. Backing up tape libraries can mean the difference between a short spurt of down time, or permanently lost files.

Shopping for Media Management Tools

When exploring your data storage options, be sure to request detailed management functionality. Though some HSM or Hierarchical Storage Management products offer this functionality, you will be hard pressed to find a boxed solution that caters to your exact needs. In these cases, a customized system will work best.

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