Nas Storage Solution

Written by Amy Hall
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What Is Nas Storage Solution?

Nas storage solution stands for Network Attached Storage (NAS). It's preconfigured disk capacity can be quickly installed on most of the popular network platforms. NAS is ideal because it provides expanded capacity without sacrificing file access speed, which can be affected by add-ons.

Instead, NAS storage devices are usually magnetic disks or RAID arrays, providing seamless, high performance file access at fast speeds. And the cost in time, resources, and inconvenience is far less than that of increasing internal storage space within the server. The NAS storage solution has a comprehensive file system that serves various platforms.

The Case For NAS

A NAS appliance is a storage server that you plug into your network. Clients send file requests directly to the NAS appliance, completely bypassing the general-purpose servers on the network. This is a time efficient way to access data without hassle or headache.

The appliance also contains an I/O processor and a file processor. There is a microkernel within the NAS system that increases reliability in an user-friendly manner. NAS appliances also have the ability to share data on multiple application servers, which makes NAS a smart tool for companies looking for exceptional data protection services.

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