Network Backups

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Network backups are critical to maintaining the security of corporate information. Sales projections, revenue figures, customer contact information and employee payroll are some of the pieces of data that are currently stored on in-house servers. If these same servers were to crash or be destroyed in the event of a natural disaster, what happens to the employees who rely on this data in order to perform daily job responsibilities?

Lost Data

Projections would be lost, revenue figures could be exposed to competitors, customer information may no longer be accessible and pay check distribution might be halted. This could cause serious problems for employers and employees. These same problems could be avoided through nightly network backups.

By performing a network back up at night, you eliminate the chances of slow server response during the day. With hundreds of employees accessing the server, backup systems should not interfere with work productivity. Likewise, an information technology team has daily responsibilities and services to provide the organization that would take back seat to running a backup.

Network Backups Make Recovery Possible

While most IT professionals dread a system crash or natural disaster, the best they can do is be well prepared for it. Restoring information cannot happen over night. Whether it was a virus or a tornado that endangered the security of the information, well-planned network backups can make recovery possible.

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