Offsite Data Backup

Written by Amy Hall
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Consider the Benefits of Offsite Data Backup

Offsite data backup is one of the latest technological advances concerning data protection services. In fact, it is quickly becoming the preferred data protection solution of some of the major Fortune 500 companies. This method of data backup and recovery is highly reliable, automated, and fast.

Your business is dependent on data; protect your vital assets with the services of remote data backup. Remote backup assures business productivity and continuity through immediate data recovery. The service offers online backup which is completely automated, and it protects your business data in the event of a system failure. It will recover data to the point of the failure, and you can rest assured that it will still be there when you need it.

No Tapes, No Hassles

Using offsite data backup as your data protection solution means you can say goodbye to tapes, and hello to lower costs. Tape-less backup and recovery means you don't have to update your tapes or buy new software. It also means there is less need for employee time, and therefore your costs are lower as well.

Overall, remote backup is a great alternative to tape backup software. You can rest easy knowing that your data if fully protected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that your data will be completely recovered and stored should something go wrong, and you don't have to worry about starting all over again collecting data.

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