Offsite Data Storage Solutions

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Offsite data storage solutions may seem like an unnecessary investment before you consider the possibilities. Many organizations today are utilizing off-site storage facilities, but not for security or disaster recovery reasons. As a result of years of paper-laden processes, many companies have been forced to transport thousands of documents to a remote facility.

Why Do I Need Offsite Data Storage Solutions?

This is usually due to a lack of storage space. Along with this decision comes a significant investment. Storage of these documents requires a monthly fee, and retrieving these documents is nearly impossible.

For those of you already utilizing electronic storage, your risks are not eliminated completely. Though you store the company data on a secure server with backup tape storage solutions, the potential for data loss is still evident. What happens if your on-site data storage system is compromised by a natural disaster?

Who Is Really Prepared for Disaster?

Less than 20% of organizations are prepared should an event like this occur. Are you one of them? Migrating to offsite data storage solutions can protect your business in the unlikely event of a disaster. Redundant storage systems are the safest, most effective way to secure information.

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