Overland Solution

Written by Amy Hall
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The Overland Solution

The Overland solution is a company of professionals that have provided a safe place for mission-critical data for more than 20 years. Overland offers the ultimate in secure data storage with the latest line of tape backup hardware and software products available today. Their products are unmatched in performance, availability and value.

Overland empowers customers to compete more effectively in the Information Age, as they propel businesses forward with their smart storage management solutions. Overland has worked diligently to develope data protection services that are easy to use and exceptionally affordable for companies of all sizes. Overland's main goal is eliminate storage management problems for IT departments in both small and large corporations.

Answers to Your Storage Problems

Overland creates from the ground-up innovative tape loaders and libraries. The Overland solution is to make sure that every company maximizes it's data backup storage capabilities with products that can meet their individual needs. Overland has performed more than 75,000 customer installations worldwide, and this company has received dozens of awards for their outstanding products and services in the arena of data backup solutions.

Overland provides products for every possible capacity range, from 50GB to more than 200TB, they offer a wide variety of tape technologies. Such technologies include LTO, LTO-2, DLT, Super DLT, and AIT--and proven compatibility with all leading backup applications. Overland's commitment to innovation and smart backup solutions has made it a proven industry leader.

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