Written by Amy Hall
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RA2000 is basically shared disk storage that accelerates backup and recovery for businesses both small and large. The Overland Storage REO Series RA2000 is a powerful disk appliance that was created to speed up data backup and retrieval. If truth be told, backup systems sometimes fail, and therefore it never hurts to have some backup for your backup.

Another perk to the RA2000 is that it has the ability to consolidate data from a number of backup servers using both Ethernet and ISCSI technology. Backups also happen at lightening speed, thus minimizing the time your data goes unprotected. With RA2000 technology, you can rest assured knowing that your data is securely protected, and you can access this data whenever you need to, without delay.

Features and Solutions of RA2000 Technology

RA2000 series has many features that provide solutions to data recovery and backup problems. This data protection technology is able to restore critical business data at high disk speeds, and it can also simplify off-site data protection services. RA2000 has the ability to centrally manage data backup and recovery, even when there are multiple servers being used. Furthermore, installation of this technology is quick and affordable.

If you are looking for a data protection solution that is flexible and versatile, RA2000 can be a means to that end. Technology is ever-changing, and as a result you need data backup solutions that will evolve with your changing needs. RA2000 technology can improve your overall system and protect all of your mission critical data.

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