Remote Data Backup

Written by Amy Hall
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Saving Your Business with Remote Data Backup

Remote data backup could be the data protection solution you need to ensure the safety and security of all your critical data. Research has shown that 90% of companies that lose their data in a disaster are out of business within two years. Yet until recently most companies have not had the budget or resources to effectively backup and protect their critical data offsite.

Until now. Now organizations of all sizes can have the same remote data protection that Fortune 500 companies use to safeguard their critical information . . . but at a fraction of the cost. There are now services that offer completely automated, professional remote data backup and recovery from a remote location. In addition, this data is immediately available for recovery, 24 hours a day.

Why Use Remote Backup?

With remote backup you can rest assured you have continuous coverage. Your data is continuously monitored for changes, 24 hours a day, so it's always up to date. It is stored securely, so you do not have to worry about anyone else getting your information.

Offsite data backup is the ideal alternative to backup tape drives. You can instantly recover your data to the point of failure, and never have to wait on the previous night's backup. Utilizing this service allows you to lower your data protection costs while freeing IT resources for other tasks.

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