Restore Appliance

Written by Amy Hall
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A restore appliance is defined as a data protection solution technology that allows you to restore data from tapes that were created specifically for data backup. The restore command on these appliances can be used to restore individual files, directories, or entire volumes. Obviously it is imperative for businesses to be able to restore their critical data in the event of an emergency, and the restore appliance allows this to take place efficiently.

The restore command offers some useful features that make it a top choice in terms of a data backup solution. It is important to keep in mind that if a system is difficult to use or too expensive, corporations will look elsewhere for data storage help. Fortunately, a restore command can be easily employed without worry about techological savvy on the part of the user.

Additional Features

In addition to retrieving file data, the restore command enables a user to retrieve a host of other facts about their data. The restore command can perform "True Image Restore" or the user can opt for a specific restore function in order to obtain certain data. This is helpful in that it saves the user time, streamlining the process for optimal efficiency.

Now more than ever, businesses need fast and reliable data backup storage solutions. The well-being of a company depends upon the safety of its critical data, and the fastest way to a company's demise is to lose that critical data in an emergency. Fortunately, there are many restore appliance options available for companies today that offer high-performance, cost-effective solutions for today's data restore problems.

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