Written by Amy Hall
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RX2000 by Overland is a smart data backup solution that is able to effectively extend the on-line storage capacity and transfer rate of the REO Series R2000 and REO Series RA2000 appliances. With this product, not only do you get greater reliability and value from your backup and recovery investments, but also the amount of data that is able to be kept online increases. This provides faster recovery from data loss, reducing the impact that any type of major outage would have without sufficient backup and recovery in place.

With this expansion system in place, you can actually customize the online storage capacity and data transfer performance of either REO SERIES appliance--the R2000 or RA2000 accelerators--to fit your needs. You will have even more data available for transfer at a whopping 300 GB/hour. By supplying more capacity to your system, the RX2000 is therefore able to provide faster recovery for greater amounts of data, reducing the overall devastation of a power failure and providing exceptional data protection services.

REO SERIES Specifications

The REO SERIES dramatically increases online storage capacity. It also efficiently maintains more data for disk-speed recovery and it can also scale throughput and storage capacity simultaneously. As a result, your entire tape system has a higher functionality.

Each RX2000 adds up to 100MB/s of data transfer bandwidth to both the R2000/RX2000 or RA2000/RX2000 combinations, thereby increasing the ability to store, transfer, and retrieve data more quickly. The best part is that this expansion module has outstanding pricing that makes it more accessible to users. All in all, Overland Storage has developed some incredible hardware and software solutions that can help both small and large businesses grow with ease.

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