Sait Tape Library

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A Sait tape library is composed of super advanced intelligent tapes (SAIT) that hold enough information for an entire company's files to be backed up on. Advances have been made to SAIT to increase the amount of storage that each half inch cartridge can hold. Using specialized drives, the tapes can hold up to 1.3 terabytes of compressed data which is over one thousand billion bytes of information.

Backup Importance

Any company with a large network and multiple servers is familiar with the pains of a system crash. While it is irritating to employees that can no longer access their work, it can create large problems if important files are lost or corrupted. An hourly backup may be out of the question but it essential to back up the system at least once a day.

If you picture your company's network then you may see six or more drives all holding many gigabytes worth of information. Now picture backing up all that information on a daily basis and storing the data on tapes. Using traditional backup tapes may require rooms or floors in order to store them while a Sait tape library may only contain a hundred tapes.

Sait Tape Library Characteristics

There are a number of features that separate a SAIT tape from a conventional backup tape including a built-in memory cassette. While this may not seem like a big difference, this allows the tape to function separately from a drive and allows the tape to "think" on its own. SAIT tapes also vary in that they are not coated with any magnetic material which can cause some data to be dropped from the backup.

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