San Vs Nas

Written by Amy Hall
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The San Vs Nas Debate

San Vs Nas debate has been going on for some time now. Three or more years ago, the only storage approach available was one in which you directly attached storage (hard disks, data tape drive media, optical disks) to each server. The server then processed all client requests for files.

However, the growth of the Internet and the increasing demand for digital information has caused storage needs to expand dramatically. Enterprise storage is on the rise because it increases efficiency of businesses both small and large. The need for an efficient way to manage storage has spurred interest in both Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions. Both technologies strive to ease the burden of consolidating and managing from a central location.

Which Data Protection Solution Is Better?

Both SAN and NAS share some common objectives. Both platforms strive to simplify storage management by employing network storage to replace direct attached storage. They also reduce overall storage costs by utilizing multiple-server storage sharing.

So which solution is better? It really is a matter of personal preference, as the main difference between the two is subtle. To learn more about San Vs Nas, and the similarities and differences between these two storage solutions, do a search on the Internet using a good search engine, such as Google or Yahoo.

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