Secure Data Storage Solutions

Written by Thomas Neighbors
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Secure data storage solutions are a requirement for business operations in the millennium. With ever-changing federal regulations on the transmission of data, every byte of information must be protected against potential risks. Risks can come in the form of natural disasters, hardware failure or breaches in security such as hackers.

Healthcare Requires Secure Data Storage Solutions

In the case of healthcare companies, secure data storage solutions are a federal requirement by the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act. The transmission of protected health information is allowed only after certain security mechanisms are in place. Without strict security guidelines, data is not to be transmitted or stored electronically.

In addition to compliance violations, security is essential in the case of disaster recovery. Many viruses today are created to burrow into the depths of corporate networks and therefore compromise any of the data within the organization. Customer databases, employee information or competitive intelligence are all open for access without the right security measures in place.

Dealing with Network Storage Systems

Security risks are imminent in network storage systems. When you have multiple users accessing the same central location for information, you increase the chances of security breaches. Staying one step ahead of dangerous possibilities is essential in the information technology industry.

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