Written by Thomas Neighbors
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Stonefly is a popular type of data storage that takes advantage of various Storage Area Network (SAN) technologies. Creating a virtual storage area can increase the amount of information kept as well as make the data easy to retrieve. By incorporating various pieces of hardware with better storage technology, companies are able to retain more historical information and create a safer computer environment.

How It Works

Companies with large amounts of data often have difficult decisions to make concerning storage of that information. Although storage has become much more efficient through the use of CDs or DVDs, storing volumes of data can slow down the network or create the need for additional hardware. The Stonefly concentrator can better manage stored data and create better ways of transferring the information through the network.

Restoring Data with Stonefly

The main reason for the existence of data storage is to provide backup support to a company's network should that system fail in any way. In many instances a company has a nightly backup that will make a copy of all files on the network for future use. The problem with this is that if the network fails then the information will be at least one day old and may not contain key changes.

Unless a high priority is placed on data storage and retrieval then this may always be an issue. Having a real-time backup system in place is ideal but can costs thousands of dollars in equipment and may clog up a network. Follow the link on this page to learn about certain technologies that may be able to help solve this problem at a fraction of the cost.

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