Storage Appliances

Written by Amy Hall
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Storage appliances are necessary to protect a company's critical data in the event of an outage or failure. They can be used by themselves or in combination with other storage options to protect your data. It is important to realize that a storage appliance is not a server in the traditional sense.

While it is entirely possible to use a storage appliance as a part of a server in a computer system, their use is not limited to this type of architecture. It is also not a general-purpose computing device. On the contrary, it is specific in terms of its tasks and functionality.

What Is A Storage Appliance?

A storage appliance can best be defined as "a standalone-computing device whose basic purpose is to assume storage related functions currently found on a general-purpose server." These appliances can perform numerous functions, including data backu, storage management, security, file access control, and retrieval. Clearly, it is possible to see how important storage appliances are in the grand scheme of things.

A product is only useful if it solves some particular problem for a customer. Therefore, a storage appliance can and should be used to handle specific data and system constraint problems, such as limited support and cost. These appliances are put into place to ensure that there is sufficient data information protection, as well high reliability and performance.

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