Storage Solutions

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Storage solutions are critical in today's business operations. With hundreds of work stations, a handful of servers and trillions of bytes of data being transmitted and archived each day, the need for cost-effective, secure storage is obvious. The risks associated with the information age are many, and protecting your information from potential disasters such as equipment failure, power outages and prying hackers can prevent lost business and revenue.

Storage Solutions for Small Businesses

For smaller businesses the investment of storage solutions is financially burdening. Chances are you have a limited staff of resources, over-crowded servers and a lacking IT budget. How can you best manage with the technology you have?

Enlisting the help of a consulting firm can help steer you in the right direction. Utilizing your existing technology is essential. It is likely that you could be more productive by implementing a few structural changes to existing programs.

Changing Systems

Switching from a Direct Attached Storage system to a Storage Area Network could result in improved accessibility for your employees. If your data is being securely stored on a system but isn't realistically accessible, what good does it serve? To effectively utilize the abundance of information your organization collects, increasing disk space alone will not help. Consider data classification methods to improve productivity.

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