Super Dlt Tape

Written by Amy Hall
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The High Performance Super Dlt Tape

Super Dlt tape is perhaps one of the best data backup storage solutions available today for businesses. Super Dlt tapes are ideally suited for data center and departmental backups where capacity, performance, and cost are critical. Super Dlt technology offers up to 160 GB of storage capacity and a 16MB/sec sustained data transfer rate.

The super Dlt tape has many desirable features. It is high performance, meaning it has up to 32 MB/sec compressed transfer rate. This tape is also comprehensive as it is read-backwards compatible with Dlt tape.

Other Important Features

The Super Dlt is also high capacity, which means it supports capacities up to 320 GB. Most important, it is a very reliable backup tape. It combines the best of proven optical and magnetic technologies to offer users improvements in capacity and performance.

As you can see, the super Dlt is a great data backup solution for companies, both small and large. When you've worked so hard to build your business, it makes sense to secure you data with the best backup systems available. In the unfortunate event of some sort of power failure, you'll be glad you have Dlt backing you up.

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