Tape Backup Software

Written by Amy Hall
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Tape backup software is used to secure your company's critical data before it gets lost during a power failure. Extensive research has concluded that 90% of companies that lose their data in a disaster are out of business within two years. Yet, until recently most companies have not had the budget or resources to effectively backup and protect their critical data.

With the enormous growth in globalization and the Internet, more and more companies have a tremendous amount of collected data at their fingertips. However, finding ways to store and secure this data is just as important as collecting the data. Although tape backup software does cost money to maintain, it is often the most important investment in the long-term success and well being of their company.

Tape Options

There are different tape options available that will fit the needs of businesses large and small. Systems can start around three or four hundred dollars, and run up into the thousands. Keep in mind when choosing a system that you can usually start off smaller and upgrade as your data backup storage needs increase over time.

In addition, any type of Dlt tape drive is compatible with other drives, which makes it a highly versatile system. This in turn makes it a worthwhile investment because you will always be able to utilize it's services no matter what type of drive or software you have installed. Tape drives provide the type of reliable protection you need to conduct your day-to-day business, worry-free.

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