Tape Backup Solutions

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Tape backup solutions are extremely important for IT professionals whose responsibility it is to ensure a clean backup each night and restorations if necessary. Even one small mistake can cost them their job and could cause the company to lose revenue. Every time a backup is performed there is the chance for error and those errors can be greatly enhanced should the system be restored.

Backing up a network can be a tedious and thankless job, unless that is the system crashes and data needs to be retrieved. Although the tasks usually go unnoticed there are a number of important steps that must be taken to ensure a proper backup is made and that the system is functioning normally. The problem is that a backup must be routinely performed and not be noticeable to end users.

Creating a Backup

Bogging down the network with a backup running during the day is usually not an option so this must be performed nightly, when employees are away from the office. But no one wants to spend all night waiting for a tape or disc to be produced so it is important to implement solid tape backup solutions. This will allow IT employees to work on other issues while the system is being backed up and respond to back up errors if necessary.

Complete Tape Backup Solutions

Just scheduling a backup and then changing discs on a daily basis is not enough to avoid serious damage to files or lost data. It is important to have a solution that can identify gaps in a backup and work with the hardware in use to resolve those mistakes. Other tools, such as a backup manager, can be used to easily identify backup tapes and index them for easy retrieval.

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