Tape Drive Technology

Written by Thomas Neighbors
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Tape drive technology has evolved as backup tapes have become more advanced and capable of storing more information. In the early years of system backup, reel to reel tapes (like the old movies) were used to archive computer data. Now we have evolved to using discs that can hold up to one terabyte, or one thousand billion bytes, of information.

Cost Savings

Many hardware manufacturers and IT professionals have continued to look for better and cheaper ways of backing up data. However, backup tapes are still the most cost effective form of media to store and retrieve data on. Although there have been great strides made using lasers as a way to store information, tape drives still offer one of the most reliable systems on the market.

With a standard tape drive, no computer programming or advanced education needs to be achieved to understand how the drives work. You can simply push a tape into the drive, process the backup and remove the tape without having to worry about read-write discs or other computer glitches. Even though tape drive technology has come a long way, there is still something to be said for doing things the old-fashioned way.

The Future of Tape Drive Technology

The demands for faster and more efficient tape drives have increased as more companies seek to be in compliance with federal regulations. The need to retain more data and information makes it necessary for drives to write quicker and be able to handle more data. Lasers have been used and now products with blue lasers are being delivered that can make traditional backup tapes items of the past.

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