Tape Storage

Written by Thomas Neighbors
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Tape storage systems are an effective way of managing your data storage efforts. With the daily flow of data in and out of your data center, finding a reliable archiving system is important. There is no room on your servers or mainframes to keep outdated or unwanted information.

Tape Storage Specifications

Tape storage systems are widely used in information technology departments around the world. One of the most popular technologies used is the SAIT. These tapes offer nearly 340 terabytes of space and will help eliminate the potential risk of exceeding storage capacity.

One of the more important characteristics to evaluate is the rate of data transfer. With information coming in and going out of your servers, the transmission of information is crucial to streamlined business operations. SAIT products offer a rate of 2.2 terabytes per hour.

Flexible Systems

The SAIT storage systems are user-friendly allowing your own IT staff to manipulate and operate the technology as necessary. Automated alarms protect your business from potential disasters and give your team the ability to keep your data protected and fluid around the clock. These solutions can be configured and managed from anywhere at anytime.

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