Backorder Domain Names

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Leveraging Expired Domains

Backorder domain names to guarantee you get the domain of your choice the minute it expires. Previously, you've read about a monitoring system which can tell you when a domain is up for expiration. This gives you advanced notice on the availability of a site you may have been wanting for a while.

You are notified of this upcoming expiration by way of email. This service may suffice if you frequently check your email. However, if you tend to let mail clog up your inbox, you may need a more stringent tactic in order to secure your new domain.

Successfully Backorder Domain Names

When you choose to backorder domain names, you tell the domain service of your intention. The service monitors the ownership of your preferred domains on a regular basis. When that site is up for expiration, the service provider registers it immediately on your behalf.

This occurs instantly and eliminates the possibility of you missing your small window of opportunity. Though the domain service actually does the registering, you are responsible for providing all of your contact information as you will be the rightful owner. If there are domain names that you would like to acquire, click here to start your own backorder list.

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