Backorder Domains

Written by Sierra Rein
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Backorder domains are defined as domains that are about to become up for grabs, as soon as the original owners fails to renew their claims on them. About 750,000 domains expire every month, giving many people the opportunity to grab their ideal domain name. When one backorders a domain name, it can be bought as soon as it is released to the public. This can save many people the hassle of constantly checking for new and available domains.

The Process of Creating Backorder Domains

The first step to backorder a domain is to have the registrar place it under a "register-hold" status. During a grace period of 30 to 45 days, the name cannot be changed, deleted, or renewed. After this time, the zone files associated with the domain will be deleted and the domain will be up for grabs.

Many people utilize a backorder service to make the process quick and easy. A backorder service collects the unavailable names that a customer is interested in and monitors the registration status of each of them. When any of them become available, the backorder service then attempts to perform the registration process in the customer's name. An email is sent to the customer to let him or her know if the domain name is successfully acquired and ready to use.

If two or more people backorder the same domain name at the same time, the backorder service usually holds an online auction. The highest bidder will win the auction and gain the rights to have the domain transferred to his or her name. Most backorder services will allow an order to be cancelled if the customer decides not to pursue a particular domain name.

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