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Written by Jill Morrison
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When you buy domains, you are essentially buying website addresses. The domain is the name of your website. Visitors will enter your domain name into their browsers in order to visit your website. Creating a business and a website for that business can be very difficult. The process of finding a domain name for a business can be difficult as well.

Ways to Buy Domains

You can buy domains to assign to a new website, or you can buy a domain for an existing website. If you have started a new business and would like to create a website for the business, you will need to purchase an appropriate domain name. You can find available names by searching on the Internet. It is usually a good idea to choose a name that relates to your website. You may even want to use the title of your business or website as your domain name.

If you are having trouble finding a good domain name, you may want to write out the purpose of your website and some key words from the site. For example, key words for a clothing store website may include apparel, shirts, pants, wear, outfit, etc. You can try to use a combination of these words as a domain name, and look to see if the name is available on the Internet.

If you do not have a website or internet business of your own, you may want to buy domains for websites that already exist. You can purchase one of these domains if you are interested in running the website or business associated with the name. You can also purchase domains and attempt to sell them for higher prices at a later time.

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