Cheap Domain Name Registration

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Cheap domain name registration does exist. If you're lacking internet savvy, you can still earn your share of profit from the internet. Even if you've just started your business and spending overhead is a luxury you don't have, you can still save your spot on the web.

Buy Now, Build Later

Taking advantage of cheap domain name registration doesn't have to commit you to web design expenses and hosting packages. Supposed you just want to purchase an available domain name before someone steals it away. You can spend a nominal fee on an annual basis and protect your IP address.

Cheap Domain Name Registration Contract

When you purchase a domain name, you specify the length of your own contract. Some of your options may include one, two, or three years. During that time of your contract, no one can build on that domain name, even if you aren't currently using it.

Once your registration runs up, the site is up for grabs and the first paying customer is the recipient of your address. Take advantage of cheap domain registration, but be sure to keep up with the length of your contract. You don't want to have to turn your site over to the competition.

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