Check Available Domain Names

Written by Stephanie Bilberry
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Check available domain names now to avoid missing out on any potential e-commerce revenue. Though you may have your sights set on one particular domain name, its availability should not deter you from building your own website. Choose another domain name to suffice until your first choice opens up.

How to Check Available Domain Names

An online domain bank can tell you what addresses are already registered by internet users. Using search functionality, you can search by complete domain name (i.e. and the engine will tell you whether or not that name has been taken. You can then take additional steps to find out who the registered owner is.

All registered domain name holders are listed on these sites. Their contact information including place of business is public record. The purchase and expiration date of the domain name is also posted there.

Renew Your Contract or Lose the Domain

You can check available domain names on a regular basis to see if any of the domains you want have since expired. If a contract hasn't been renewed, the site is yours for the taking. Be sure to monitor your ownership carefully or else you could risk losing the domain as well.

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