Com Domain Registration

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Com Domain Registration and Other TLDs

Com domain registration is the most commonly used TLD, or top level domain. COM stands for commercial, and most commercial businesses have long since acquired on of these addresses. By purchasing a domain name you can instantly begin to see an increase in customers and ultimately a better bottom line.

To start your .com domain registration simply visit any of the online domain databases found on the internet. These sites pull information from ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. From there you can search for your new IP address, or choose from any of the 100,000 names that have expired.

Choosing an Effective Domain

Keep in mind, your customers and prospects will have a much easier time locating your site if you choose a familiar domain name. If your business name can serve as the domain, you'll be more likely to attract new and recurring members to your website. Award site visitors will discounts and promotions. This in turn, will encourage repeat traffic and word of mouth leads.

Registering your domain is the easiest part to beginning your online endeavors. Once you've secured your domain contract, work with a hosting company to find an affordable, service-oriented hosting plan. They will store your data on their servers making it accessible to all internet viewers.

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