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Written by Sierra Rein
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It does not take a huge amount of computer know-how to create websites. It is true that in the past, website designers were required to know a lot about website codes and HTML, and knowledgeable designers were often the only ones who could create websites for personal and business customers. Today, software applications and online templates have made the process accessible to the average consumer.

In order to create websites, one needs the basic understanding of how HTML code works. A website designer writes a page of "tags," each of which acts as a command for the web browser (Netscape, Explorer, Safari, et cetera) to recognize and display. These "tags" can order the browser to display an image (.jpg or .gif file), transport the browser to a linked page, play a song, divide the page into tables, or any number of other things.

How to Create Websites without Hiring a Designer

Many people rely on software programs that have commands built into them to insert tags instantly into HTML pages. These programs are good for beginning designers who wish to have more control of the overall look of their web pages. They are also good for those who understand FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and who can upload their images and files onto the server on their own.

Another option is to utilize online programs (usually offered by web hosting companies) allowing customers to choose from a variety of colors, backgrounds, design layouts, and themes. These online systems also provide web-based uploading access, meaning a customer can upload images and other files through the website itself, and not through an FTP program. A third option to create websites is to download template HTML files and then to edit them either by hand or through a software program.

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